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May 22, 2017

Streambank Erosion Susceptibility

A High Definition Stream Survey will quickly identify and rank your bank erosion problems.

Do you know the precise locations of the top 10 worst erosion problems in your streams? Ranking bank erosion problems doesn’t have to be a complex and expensive undertaking involving soil sampling, extremely precise bank heights and slope measurements, and root mass analyses. HDSS is a peer-reviewed technique that quickly and accurately assigns erosion scores over long sections of waterway, backed up by video documentation. Planners can get complete erosion documentation of their waterway earlier for more timely mitigation planning.

Our Methodology

Streambank condition reflects the susceptibility of the streambank to the erosive forces of water (streambanks in good condition are less likely to erode and fall into the stream than ones in poor condition). Streambank Erosion Susceptibility scoring involves a quick and accurate visual assessment of streambank cover, height, slope, soil, and riparian condition and enables us to predict potential erosion at high flows.


HDSS video documentation can be accessed to see actual conditions anywhere along a stream corridor.

HDSS techniques will provide accurate bank erosion analyses over longer stretches of stream in a shorter period of time than is possible using traditional methods. HDSS video documentation also allows for third party verification and validation of erosion scoring before remediation project decisions are made. HDSS erosion scoring is based on standard bank erosion indices but can be adapted to accommodate other parameters if necessary.  

The images below show representative levels of bank classification that were documented using an HDSS kayak setup.