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February 24, 2017

HDSS Services

With our custom HDSS hardware and software, data collected in the field flows smoothly into information management systems and are rapidly analyzed into useful results to support decision makers. The integrated suite of sensors allows a range of habitat conditions to be measured including:

Shoreline parameters:

  • Streambank condition
  • Bank height
  • Bank angle
  • Bank stability
  • Surface protection
  • Bankfull level
  • Bank erosion potential
  • Riparian diversity
  • Legacy trees
  • woody debris
  • docks, boat ramps, bridges
  • power line crossings
  • pipe intakes and outfalls
  • point source pollution locations


In-Stream Parameters:

  • habitat type (pool/riffle/run)
  • Stream width & depth
  • Velocity classes
  • Substrate
  • Substrate embeddedness
  • Water quality parameters
  • Channel rugosity
  • Instream cover
  • Location and condition of barriers
  • Instream vegetation
  • Sinuosity