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November 21, 2020

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Overview

Permit compliance can be more expensive in the long run if corners are cut up front. HDSS data is thorough enough to provide permittees with all the data necessary for long-term compliance with government permitting requirements. Scarce resources can then be dedicated to non-compliance activities rather than permit application problems due to data shortfalls.

HDSS data and video supports compliance with a variety of government regulations, including NPDES (see MS4 Stormwater Mapping), CWA 404 permits, FERC relicensing, SAV permits, T&E species and others.

MS4 Stormwater Compliance

A High Definition Stream Survey will reduce your long-term MS4 compliance costs.

TMDL Development

Coming Soon…

USACE 53 and 27 Permitting

A High Definition Stream Survey will facilitate your permit compliance.

FERC Relicensing

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T&E Species

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SAV Permitting

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