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May 22, 2017

Impact Assessments

High Definition Stream Survey techniques enable measurable results.

Can you easily measure and clearly show and explain the impacts of your waterway projects to others?  Inadequate or inaccurate pre- and post-construction data makes it very difficult to determine the success of your waterway project. HDSS techniques resolve this by providing you with comprehensive, geo-referenced data both upstream and downstream from a mitigation site. You’ll end up with measureable results and a clearer understanding of what worked and what didn’t for better future investment decisions.    

Our Methodology

HDSS involves the continous documentation of geo-referenced stream corridor data over long stretches of waterway. HDSS is a faster and more comprehensive data collection technique than traditional site-based assessment methods. Video and sensory data is compiled and analyzed using our proprietary software system. Conclusions and recommendations can be tailored into reports that meet the needs of different stakeholders. The baseline information is reviewable so clarifications or interpretation validations are easy.