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February 23, 2017

High Definition Stream Survey: Choccolocco and Cheaha Creek, Alabama

Habitat Quality Assessment, Habitat Suitability Modeling, Barrier Assessment, Infrastructure Assessment, Point Source Pollution, Non-point Source Pollution

Using the HDSS system, 68 continuous miles were surveyed on the Choccolocco and Cheaha Creeks in 4 field days.  In addition to documenting baseline conditions and habitat types, large woody debris and man-made structures were also assessed and geo-referenced.  Illegal water withdrawal, illegal dumping, un-fenced cattle, and man-made fish barriers were geo-referenced so that further legal action can be taken.  Using the locations and density of woody debris, correlations can be observed when compared to areas of high bank erosion.  This information can also be used with IBI’s and the abundance of macroinvertebrates to better understand overall stream health.

HDSS video imagery of the worst location documented during the Choccolocco Creek Survey. Note the large failing stream bank and lack of riparian vegetation.