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A High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) should be the backbone of your MS4 compliance strategy

Everybody wants cleaner water in their community but achieving it in a thorough and cost-efficient way is challenging. HDSS addresses these challenges by documenting MS4 stream issues more quickly and comprehensively than traditional streamwalks. A more holistic understanding of stream issues can reduce compliance costs and will lay the foundation for more targeted and supportable stormwater management plans. 

The HDSS process integrates consistent and thorough field work, data classification, data analysis and reporting techniques.

  • Field work documents visual and sensory data throughout entire MS4 stream corridors.
  • Data classification parameters meet standard protocol requirements but HDSS is flexible enough to accommodate unique conditions as well.
  • Analysis produces informative graphics and insights at a scale appropriate to your needs.
  • Reports identify and highlight problem areas that can be easily understood and viewed using geo-referenced video.

Taken together, the HDSS process provides a powerful framework for identifying stream problems and their resolutions.

MS4 compliance requirements are here to stay and may become more complex over time. Developing a robust, repeatable and consistent stream assessment program now is likely to reduce long-term compliance costs for your community. Achieving clean water is understood to be an iterative process, but bigger steps toward clean water can be taken when planning is based on more accurate information.

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