Trutta Environmental Solutions

Who does TRUTTA work with?

As TRUTTA’s portfolio and abilities continue to grow, the diversity of organizations hiring us continues to grow. We have excellent relationships with our clients and continue to do repeat business with them. For example, we have worked with:



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Tennessee Valley Authority, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management, Nebraska Game and Fish Commission.


Non-Profit, For-Profits, and others:

The Nature Conservancy, Bishop Museum, Trout Unlimited, Alabama Power Company, Alabama Graphite Company, CH2MHill, PBS&J Consultants, Southern Environmental Law Center, Greater Nashville Resource Council, Kauai Island Utility Corporation.


TRUTTA’s focus is being able to survey the traditionally inaccessible areas as well as surveying the watershed as a whole.  Whether surveying headwater streams overgrown with brush, or larger streams that can go miles and miles without a bridge or road access, the HDSS system records georeferenced, high-definition video and associated bathymetric and water quality data that can be reviewed repeatedly back at the office. TRUTTA then processes this huge amount of field data and turns it into simple results and easy to use products with the ability to show decision makers, resource managers, and other stakeholders what is actually going on in the stream without requiring them to visit each site. The full process of collecting quality field data and converting it to useful information allows you to make water management decisions more effectively and confidently.