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Cleaner Water Begins With Better Information

How well do you know the streams in your own watershed? 
Would your stream planning process benefit from a system that can efficiently identify and visually baseline your stream problems? 
Are you concerned that your stream-related project decisions are based on incomplete data?  

Contact us today to learn how HDSS will lead to better information for your stream planning initiatives.

Our Solutions

High Definition Stream Surveys and related services can help resolve a wide variety of different stream management challenges: 

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

NPDES, 404 Permitting, FERC Relicensing, SAV permits, T&E Species

Predictive Modeling

Habitat Suitability, Instream Flow Modeling

Watershed Planning

Mitigation Planning and Prioritization


Stream Corridor Assessments, Impact Assessments, Streambank Erosion Susceptiblity​

Specialty Services

Bathymetry, High Definition Fish Surveys, Water Quality, ADCP​


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